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Arrange Regular Domestic Cleaning in Islington

Maintaining a clean property is no easy feat, especially when you’re working all week long. That’s why we now offer you a regular domestic cleaning service in Islington – have us tidy your premises as frequently as you like.

You’ll decide how long your sessions last for and what tasks are completed during them. You can tell us to wipe down surfaces, do your ironing, and so much more…

Booking your first obligation-free appointment couldn’t be easier. Just call 02037465191 and tell us exactly what you require. An experienced operator will give you a zero cost estimate. And you’ll then be able to confirm your booking. Don’t forget – you can also contact us online at any time of the day or night.

Home Cleaning in Islington Known For Flexibility & Convenience

We’re the go-to choice for home cleaning in the Islington area. That’s why 97% of the customers who’ve used us would recommend us to their family and friends – they know that we always deliver:

  • Comprehensive appointment options that cover not only weekdays, but weekends and Bank Holidays too!
  • Real results courtesy of the same maid every single time. We’ll learn exactly how you want your premises cared for
  • A choice of regular weekly, fortnightly, and monthly slots that can be adapted to suit your specific schedule. And no contract is necessary
  • A service customised according to your own personal priorities. Want us to use all your appointment cleansing your kitchen? Just ask
  • Fully insured and guaranteed workmanship carried out by the most highly trained of professionals

Want a service that specialises in a certain area? Try our carpet cleaning or oven cleaning.

The Particulars Of Your Domestic Cleaning Service In Islington

The maids we employ in Islington can help anyone, in almost any sort of property in the local area. This includes anything from small flats to large-scale premises. When you’re ready get in touch and arrange your first appointment. This session is the most important because it’s when you’ll first meet the maid who’ll be cleansing your house on a regular basis in the future. Bear in mind, it’ll be longer than an a normal-length appointment because of this.

As mentioned above, each of your sessions will last for a certain period of time. During this period you can assign us any number of tasks, as long as there is sufficient time for us to complete them. You can ask us to…

  • Clean your kitchen appliances including ovens, microwaves, and fridges
  • Perform odds and ends such as doing your ironing and laundry, as well as changing your bed
  • Wipe and dust down all your property’s surfaces

…and that’s far from all!

Remember, your convenience is our top priority.That’s why in the event that your regular maid is ill or on holiday, we’ll send a replacement. Your schedule will never be affected. Moreover, if at any time you need to cancel your appointment you can do so for FREE – just give us 48 hours notice.

Tested Methods

– technicians are vetted and insured

24/7 Advice

– our call centre is staffed at all times

Real Results

– 100% satisfaction is guaranteed

Learn More About Your Cleaners

Friendly Maids Islington’s technicians are all fully insured, and once we’re on your property, you’ll be protected by a comprehensive guarantee.

Want to know how we select staff? Firstly, there’s an in-depth background check, then a thorough interview, and finally a strenuous training regime. Following this, quality control supervisors regularly check up on all the cleaners we employ to ensure that standards never slip. This ensures that you receive the best possible quality of service.

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